Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Waiting Game

We're expecting important contract announcements shortly - the shortlist for FND phase 2 providers and the winners of the JCP Support and ESF contracts. This may well come in the middle of the Labour Party Conference. If anyone is tempted to ask why these programmes should not fall under the axe, given the need for huge public spending cuts that all the parties are telling us about, the answer will probably be that they are "helping the unemployed".
Meanwhile, A4e keeps the local press supplied with PR pieces. One, from Gateshead, tells us that A4e have teamed up with Remploy to put 11 disabled people into a work trial scheme. Hardly big news, you might think. And when you read the article it's clear that it's come straight from A4e. (And a PS - the identical article has just appeared on A4e's website.) The same can't be said of another piece from Barrow the other day which reported that A4e, along with other businesses, had been forced out of a building because the owners hadn't paid the electricity bill and the power was turned off. Not A4e's fault. But it did prompt the comment from a correspondent of mine about the lights going out for A4e.


  1. On Ipswich Unemployed Action allegedly A4e have decided to start spamming their blog address. Of course it could be someone else, but unlikely?

  2. I've heard from someone else that this is happening to his site too. You have to wonder what they think they're achieving.

  3. reading what a4e says about thie No hope, scheme it is exactly the same, as they said last i was sent to a4e.

    apart from the fact they didnt listen, put everyone in the same groups for job search (age 22 to 55)


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