Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Know Hope Roadshow

A tweet from A4e says: *In Scarbro' yesterday, one man told us how A4e had changed his life and one woman who had been in f/t work 12 months had bought 1st house."
I asked a contact in Hull to look in on the roadshow there today, and he has sent me the following email:
"They had a van in Victoria Square, an old Volkswagen camper van painted in the Know Hope branding. They weren't giving out leaflets, as far as I could see, they just wanted to engage people in conversation. They had two cameras set up on tripods - not sure why, but they seemed to be getting people to wear a Know Hope t-shirt and be photographed in it. The A4e logo was around, on the back of the van and on the team's jumpers, but it wasn't prominent. I would say that they are pushing the Know Hope branding, with A4e very much secondary. I didn't go up and talk to them, sorry. I don't look like a potential client so I didn't know what to say."
It certainly looks like they are trying to start FND as a new brand. Will it work?


  1. Recruiting for the church of Know Hope, "Brother, Sisters, listem to my tale". "I was unemployed and homeless in Scarborough, then one day I saw a Volkswagon camper and I knew there was hope!
    Thanks to the good brothers and sisters of Know Hope I now work 22 hours a week at Poundland, have a home and every Sunday I attend the Church Of Know Hope and give thanks to Saint Emma.

  2. "one woman who had been in f/t work 12 months had bought 1st house." A she either had a very well paid job, or bought a very low price house. or both..where had she been living b4 that, council housing, or renting, or with parents..

    i dont think you could buy a house with only 12 months employment history add to that the financial insecurity, seems wrong..or the spin is back


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