Friday, 11 September 2009

It's all gone quiet

The dust has apparently settled. The media have lost interest. The MPs are still on holiday so no one is asking questions. There is no news about contracts. A4e bosses can breathe easily for a while. And they can focus on pushing their public image as a local company involved in local schemes to "improve people's lives". Last weekend, for instance, they were at a community carnival in Swansea. Why? Well, the MP was there. They've also been working at a primary school in Edinburgh; at least, a group of ETF (Environmental Task Force) clients have. And in Gloucester they have "organised" a networking conference. I say "organised" in inverted commas, because if you look closely it's clear that it's Premier Inns who are paying. "We are looking to work with city partners to promote our Employability Skills Provision in the city" says Kevin Kelway. Ignore all the bad publicity. It's business as usual. And if you're looking for work, why not work for A4e? They're looking for people in London. Here's the advert.

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  1. Yeah, I think the marketing team has lost interest too - they have stopped posting on my blog.


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