Monday, 7 September 2009

Life Academy

There was much in the news yesterday about academies, and how the government were not going any longer to ask for £2m upfront from private sector organisations that want to run them. I got to wondering whether A4e have ambitions to run an academy. A bit of googling and I came up with this report from a North East Lincs Council scrutiny committee. It's from December 2006. Here's A4e running the Life Academy, '“alternative education” for between twenty and thirty Key Stage 4 pupils.' Essentially it's a private Pupil Referral Unit and opened in 2005. I can't find anything later than this report, and there's nothing on A4e's website, so if anyone knows what happened to it, please let us know. It's especially scary that A4e should be in this area of education, as there are moves to privatise all the PRUs.

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