Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Perhaps Emma Harrison should have waited before selling A4e.  The Tory victory in the election sent the price of shares in outsourcing companies skywards.  G4S's rose by 7.35%, Serco's by 5.95% and Capita's by 6.72%.  Ah well, £20m will have to do.

Friday, 8 May 2015


Since the demise of A4e I've waited to formally close this blog until after the election.  It's been a hard day; but not as hard for me as for the people who can now see no end to their misery.  There were only three bright spots in the results; Galloway, Farage and, of course, Esther McVey.
So what do I do now?  There is no point in my blogging about "welfare reform".  There are lots of blogs and websites out there, and active groups too, which fight that more effectively than I can.  If you have any (sensible) suggestions for another challenge I can take on via the internet I'll be glad to consider them.
Meanwhile I want to say thank you.  To the journalists who, usually without their knowledge, helped me, but especially to Solomon Hughes of Private Eye and Job Rabkin of Channel 4 News.  To the many commenters, some of whom posted harrowing stories and left us wondering what happened to them after that.  And to the faithful regular readers and commenters who gave me encouragement, links to stories and perceptive comments.  Some of you have been with me from the very beginning.  Thanks especially to Ian.
Bye for now.