Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Community Task Force

A4e is one of 26 providers which have passed the PQQ stage of bidding for the Community Task Force. This is part of the DWP's Young Person's Guarantee and "will offer up to a maximum of 6 months' quality work experience of benefit to the community, designed primarily to enhance the employability and work-related skills of participants, and increase their chances of entering sustained employment."


  1. Sounds a lot like the old Community Programme I was on in late 1980s. However, back then it was organised by the jobcentre (pre privatisation). I seem to remember we were paid the going rate for the work too.
    Quite enjoyed it too, but doubt I would feel the same today knowing someone like A4e would making a profit from it.

  2. So national service then, by any other name.

    What's the difference between a person 'working' in this way, and a person doing community service?

    That wasn't a joke.

  3. If there are jobs going 'in t'community' why aren't they being advertised/filled normally?

    What about the people already paid to do these jobs?

    Why is there the assumption that it's the responsibility of the unemployed to clean up the mess made by others in the community - and therefore the assumption that the unemployed are the real problem?

  4. Wouldn't be too bad, if it were paid at NMW, but sure as hell it means workfare.


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