Thursday, 5 November 2009

Pathways results

Pathways to Work is the programme aimed at getting people on incapacity benefits back to work. The results, published today, are well below target. The average of all the providers is 12% job outcomes. A4e actually did better than its main rivals (Ingeus and Shaw Trust, which had similar numbers of clients) with 14% outcomes. The totals include both those who volunteered for the programme, and those who were "mandated" onto it; and, not surprisingly, the volunteers did much better then the coerced. But the overall results show once again that these contracts are not value for money.


  1. Shouldn't Pathways To Work be covered by the trades description act? Mis-selling of services.

    I think A4e and the rest of them should be made to pay back the UK taxpayer. Thye're getting money under false pretences. No one forced them to bid for the contract, so why bid if you can't deliver.

    Quite clearly our government will not do anything to remedy the situation. It's time this was brought to the attention of Brussels.

  2. well that makes (4;) a change A4e doing better than shaw


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