Monday, 9 November 2009

A disappointed customer

An interesting article in the Telegraph says, "Employers have questioned the quality of the recruitment services provided by Jobcentre Plus and private contractors such as A4E after trying to hire staff." It describes the experience of "Richard Cook, director of London-based Champion Communications" who "said he had two vacancies and had approached A4E for help but had been left disillusioned by the experience." The A4e office was not prepared for that sort of enquiry, asked whether he could take on non-graduates, but didn't ask what his business did. "He does not know to this day that we are a PR company or that we focus on technology and media branding, which are fundamental questions to ask," Mr Cook said. "It did not stand up to the commitment that this organisation has in getting people back into work."
The Telegraph lumps this incident together with a survey by the Federation of Small Businesses which reported that 34% of its members thought that JCP was ineffective when they wanted to hire staff. (That's a minority, by the way!)
A4e has, of course, apologised, and promised to get their act together.


  1. Priceless! When i was at A4e Edinburgh over a year ago on the old New Deal a mate of mine posed the question "why don't local employers visit A4e to recruit staff?".

    Edinburgh is a city after all, but all A4e seem to have on offer were placements in charity shops, what a joke. Where were the placements with the big banks and other financial institutions and other major employers?

    I can't say Im surprised by Richard Cook's experience of A4e. Perhaps A4e need another 20 years of taxpayer funding to get their act together!

  2. Talking of a disappointed customer experience. I have just discovered that A4e have been sub-contracted by the Glasgow-based Wise Group to run the FND in Edinburgh.

    Having experienced A4e last year on the old New Deal I was glad to hear that A4e didn't have the contract for FND and that it had been awarded to 2 other companies: Wise Group and Ingeus.

    My Jobcentre advisor said last week I would have to go on the FND with, yes, you've gussed it. A4e! I told her I wasn't going back to A4e, she never said anything. I noticed she never mentioned Ingeus

    So much for customer choice. If I do end up back at A4e on the FND it won't be without putting up a fight.

  3. And if you have a complaint do you got to A4e or contact Wise Group directly?
    I've noticed Wise group have a lot of videos on YouTube, and just like A4e official videos you can't comment on them either. It's not looking good for a supposed non-profit organisation


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