Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The FND advertising campaign

We reported on A4e's "Know Hope" roadshow, marketing its Flexible New Deal offering. So it's interesting to read on The Drum, a website for the marketing industry, an account of the campaign by a firm called Deviate: - "Deviate creates Flexible New Deal Work for A4e".
Of course at this stage success can only be measured by the amount of attention the campaign raised. "Daily blog reports encouraging visitors to track the tour’s progress helped generate almost 7,500 website visits in the first three weeks with a further 1,500 people visiting A4e’s online Flikr photo-gallery. A4e’s dedicated site for employers, also created by Deviate, was promoted by direct mail and online and print business media coverage." Perhaps JCP also has some indication of its success in the number of clients choosing A4e over the competition. As to the success of FND - that will be another story.


  1. And we all know why the A4e logo was missing on the VW Camper don't we?

    If people had seen that they would have run a mile. Perhaps some of them did when they found it was A4e.

    Haven't the people of Hull, and other towns, suffered enough from A4e.

  2. whenever i read Know Hope i automatically take the K and w away..


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