Monday, 16 November 2009

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Yes, it's Global Entrepreneurship Week this week, and the event was launched today at the British Library One of the speakers was A4e's Emma Harrison. "Emma Harrison, chair of A4E says entrepreneurs will always find their own way through the system. She tells her own entertaining story about illegal tuck-shops, blagging her way onto a university course, and running her Dad’s firm after 18 days. Emma’s top tips for entrepreneurs having transformed her business into a £200 million turnover success. On leadership: inspire, encourage and elevate, find your passion, purpose, a mentor and do four marketing activities a day to get your business out there."


  1. What a woman. What a story. Kidnapped by gypsies, then abandoned when her father couldn't pay the ransom Raised by wolves in a derelict Sheffield steel mill. And then reunited with her father after 7 years. Who would believe such a story???

  2. apart from the fact her story has been edited so many times...


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