Monday, 14 May 2012

Join the union

Trade union membership has always been low among the employees of outsourcing companies.  Workers tend to be on short-term contracts and often don't see the point of paying subs out of their meagre wages.  So it's interesting to see that the PCS, the Public and Commercial Services union, is actively recruiting among A4e staff - see their website.
Sceptics may say that the union is simply trying to recover the membership numbers which have been steadily eroded by the selling off of public services.  But they are clear about the problems in A4e.  "We know there are issues in A4e - issues such as long hours, unachievable targets, low pay, and high turnover – but we can only change when we work together."  They say, "We are currently talking to A4e senior management at a national level about what PCS can do for staff in A4e, and have asked them for time to speak to staff."  Will A4e resist, as they resisted the right of clients to be represented in Edinburgh? 


  1. I do believe the head of the PCS union is Mark Serwotka. He gave a pretty damning account of A4e on the Donal McIntyre prog on BBC Radio 5 Live about three years ago.

    Hear his views on A4e and W2W here:

  2. There is no hope that a4e workers would join the union, they can't, or they darn't, if they have any issues, they would have to go to the a4e management direct. Let's face it, a4e have supposingly get their fingers in all help programmes, to help everybody? If they joined an outside union there job would not be safe! They would be joining the dole queve.

    Would management at a4e speak for there staff!! Hush, hush. On a recent visit I had to my local a4e my advisor remarks, working here is all down to targets, and I am looking for alterative employment, and waiting to hear about a job application being had been made.


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