Wednesday, 2 March 2011

You couldn't make it up

When I first saw this I thought it was a mickey-take by one of Emma Harrison's critics. But no, it's on her own website. An Emma Harrison video widget! Come on now, you know you want one.

The hunger for publicity can slide into self-parody. But the real drive for contracts and profits is going on behind the scenes.


  1. Iphone/ipad apps. next no doubt. Large market there!!! Unbelievable ego as you suggest.

  2. The Teflon Don2 March 2011 at 12:04

    I tied a widget, but after just a few seconds I had a compulsive urge to throw my laptop against the wall!

    Do you think this is a cunning ploy by Emma Harrison to sell more computers? She clearly has a business relationship with computer manufacturers to boost sales. Come on, Emma, how much are you getting on the sale of every new computer?

  3. It must be a joke!? please tell me its a joke!!

  4. well she did say that everyone who needs help 'will get their own Emma'!

    I was imagining it might be a flesh and blood one-but maybe the 'widget emma' is better
    -at least you can turn that one off!!!!!!!!!

  5. How much ego does this woman have? What will be next a fly on the wall reality series in ITV 'How much I love myself' It seems to be sliding that way - and she wants to be taken as a serious businesswoman! Good job she has the likes of Newey and Lovell to take it all seriously.

  6. The middle class kids look out of their leafy suburb windows, and think the ghettos have soul.

  7. Useful link Historian

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  8. My freinds just been "refered" to the flexible new deal. i thought it had been scrapped? can they do this to him?

  9. It's been extended for 3 months to cover the period till the start of the Work Programme.

  10. why not visit, 'an exciting website'?

  11. Still not a peep from our Beloved Emma.

    I want to draw you to this American website

    Find jobs and see company salaries, reviews, and interviews – all posted
    anonymously by employees. Upon a search, lo and behold, a4e,14.htm

    I see the company has still to has to post their profile. Hey Girl I thought you had your finger on the pulse!


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