Monday, 14 March 2011

Dispatches and redundancy

I didn't have the chance to watch the Channel 4 Dispatches programme tonight, but I will when it's on 4OD. The comments on the channel's website suggest that it got to the heart of the matter. If anyone saw it, tell us what you thought.
A4e, like other providers, has been sending out redundancy notices. Although the FND contracts have been extended until the WP starts, Pathways hasn't (and no wonder, given its abysmal results). One can feel genuinely sorry for those who have lost their jobs. But it's an inevitable aspect of privatisation. People are employed only for the length of the contracts. It's one of the reasons why outsourcing is cheaper.


  1. I saw the afore mentioned prog. Was very thought provoking and should be required viewing esp for MP's and govt ministers!

    Shocking the way that members of the public cannot find out about more about these companies outsourcing activities due to it being "commercially sensitive". Even though its British tax £ providing the bulk of these companies (Serco, G4S, Capita) incomes!!!

  2. It also told us what the CEO's of Serco and Capita are paid. Yes, you've guessed it, several million.

    Once interesting item was about Norwich Council awarding a contract to a private company to carry out the repairs to it's council homes. Several months later the company in question went into liquidation as a results of being debt to the tune of several 600 million. Norwich Council then discovered that to revert back to the old system of having council home repairs carried out by council staff would cost 500k just to set up. The conclusion was that once you go down the road of privatisation you can't always go back!

  3. The first programme on a series on Growth in the British Economy 11 to 11. 30 today on Radio 4.

  4. Wrong Job Can Effect Well Being

    A badly-paid or temporary job can be as bad for mental health as no job at all, research has suggested

  5. I think we need to be more prepared to face these troubled times, be aware of our redundancy rights, weather initial days of depression, move on and look for realistic goals and grab every opportunity.


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