Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Those other shareholders

At the Public Accounts Committee the DWP representative admitted that he didn't know who the other shareholders are.  Well, we can enlighten him.  According to the latest filed documentation, A4e Ltd has 5 ordinary shareholders listed.  They are:

  • Emma Harrison - 85.5%
  • Mark Lovell, chairman of A4e - 6.5%
  • Stephen Boyfield, non-exec director of A4e - 0.43%
  • Roy Newey, former director of A4e - 0.43%
  • Action for Employment Trustees Ltd. - 7.1%
The last company was formed in 2009 but was dormant in 2011.  It was then revived, and the latest returns show that it has two directors, Emma Harrison and Mark Lovell.  There is only one share, and that is held by A4e Ltd.

I am not qualified to work out what is going on here.


  1. Chris grayling visited a4e staff and offices today to congratulate a4e on a successful part of work programme I read on their website

    1. This gets more surreal by the minute!
      What next? Giant white rabbits and mad hatters?

  2. The Teflon Don7 June 2012 at 04:02

    "I am not qualified to work out what is going on here".
    That sums A4e perfectly. Dare we wonder who the trustees with a 7% stake might be?

    A4e, besides being infamous, are just a very strange company. Has anyone tried looking or an A4e organisation chart!

    1. I told you about the Action for Employment Trustees Ltd company - directors Lovell and Harrison.

  3. By the looks of it A4e Trustees Ltd has never traded which is strange because presumably as a shareholder in A4e the company would have been entitled to a dividend- potential tax loophole that was never used?

  4. The Teflon Don7 June 2012 at 13:57

    Missed the last bit in your post with the names of Lovell and Harrison as Trustees,sorry.

  5. Its a bit of topic. but its almost as if the civil servants dont want an unemployed person happy, or work programme coaches dont want the unemployed happy. you must be down and depressed if your unemployed you cant be a happy, a job is the answer to everything, a job is the end of the yellow brick road. ..yeah right.


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