Thursday, 3 May 2012

An informal survey

A number of points have been raised by posters, sometimes in response to reports in the media, about practices which are, if true, disquieting (to say the least).  So I'd like to conduct a sort of informal survey on three particular points and invite comments.  I won't publish them; I want to collate them and see if the problems are widespread.
  1. Discouraging temporary and / or part-time work.  This possibility was raised at the start of the WP, since payment by results means that providers don't get paid if clients take this kind of work.  Is it the case that advisers are telling clients not to take such jobs?
  2. Inappropriate demands by advisers.  We've heard that someone claims to have been required to produce bank statements etc.  How common is this sort of demand.
  3. Lack of "tailored support".  Lots of stories are coming out about people receiving nothing in the way of support or treatment which is inappropriate to their circumstances.  How true is this?
I look forward to your comments.


  1. Point 3 Lack of tailored support. Well yes, two years ago when although my CV was well composed, I wasn't getting that manny interviews. Age discrimination by employers played a large part and therefore there was the obvious need for updating of computer skills to compensate ..... These people at a4e did nothing for me whatsoever.

  2. I would like to ask a question with regards to the informal survey. Any comments you receive, as said in you article, you will not publish them, but when you have collacted them to see if the aforementioned problems are widespread, will you be posting an article with any feedback, to let your followers know the outcome?


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