Friday, 17 February 2012

Two links

Just a couple of links to end an eventful week.

The first is to a BBC local news item on the "millions for Emma Harrison" story.

The second is the Mail Online's take on the Tesco free labour row.  Someone had the foresight to capture the offending advert before it was pulled. 

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  1. Statement on Marie Curie Cancer Care and the Work Programme scheme (WorkFare)
    February 17, 2012

    Marie Curie Cancer Care has reviewed its position with regard to the Department for Work and Pensions' Work Programme scheme, designed to encourage people who are receiving benefits to get back to work.

    We participated in this scheme because we believed it could offer volunteers an opportunity to gain valuable experience. However, there is a difference between volunteering and being forced to work and if there is any chance that people with terminal illnesses could be made to take part in this scheme we would take this very seriously.

    It is possible that some of our shops have provided placements for volunteers under this scheme. If any volunteers currently on the scheme are with us we would be delighted to keep them on in a voluntary capacity, although we would suggest the volunteers check with Department for Work and Pensions about how volunteering affects their benefits position.

    Marie Curie will not participate in the scheme in the future.

    Marie Curie Cancer Care relies on the vital support of our volunteers without which we would not be able to continue to ensure that more people have access to high quality end of life care in their own homes or in one of our hospices.

    For further information contact:
    Alex Holdaway
    Head of PR
    Marie Curie Cancer Care


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