Friday, 24 February 2012

She's stepped down as Chair of A4e

Just heard on the BBC PM programme that Emma Harrison has stepped down as Chair of A4e.  Don't know any more than that at the moment.


  1. I guess it was inevitable. I'd be a liar to this blog, its readers, contributors and crucially myself if I said I felt any remorse for Ms Harrison.

    This is not a personal attack at all. Just an acknowledgement of being vindicated at long last.

  2. It's not good enough though.

    This was done in a desperate attempt to deflect the main issues.

    Is their systemic fraud within A4e?

    Additionally will their be investigations into the punitive punishment culture?

  3. Andrew Dutton - "A4e would not exist but for the passion and ambition of Emma Harrison, ..... "" If only!!!

    PS What was her salary with a4e? Does anyone know?

  4. Some more disturbing news from the Guardian...

    "Jobseekers forced to clean private homes and offices for nothing"

    You couldn't make it up.

  5. More VERY disturbing news from the telegraph

    However, last night, there was speculation that she had resigned ahead of fresh allegations about A4e’s general business practices likely to emerge over the weekend.

    Sources said police are aware of allegations that the fraud went higher up the chain of command than the four front line staff that have already been arrested, although not to the top of the company.

    Is the end in sight?

    1. Is the end in sight... hope so. I worked for A4e for 5 long months before coming to the conclusion their moral compass was the polar opposite to mine, and the company put profit firmly before people. Let's get that money back into grassroots credible voluntary sector organisations asap - can't see many of then milking an 8.6 mill dividend!

  6. She never seemed to see anything contradictory with her mantra that "A4e is a "social purpose company" when the company itself is owned by a very small number of shareholders. Contrast A4e with the John Lewis Partnership, every employee from the shop floor to the boardroom owns shares.


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