Monday, 14 November 2011

Emma Harrison on workfare and the WCA

It's hardly a surprise that Emma Harrison has a Facebook page - one of those you can "like" (only 327 people have, up to now). But there's an interesting exchange with someone who calls herself Willow Jacky, which ends in a statement of Emma's and A4e's position on a number of issues on A4e's website. The poster is concerned about "workfare" and about sick people being forced into the jobs market.

Harrison misses the poster's point about people being made to work for free in places like Tesco, and simply extols the benefits of working for such companies - "All employment provides really positive opportunities to develop." But then she goes on to talk about Workfare and its origins in America. She doesn't mention that the main point of Workfare is that it time-limits benefits, but she is right about its drawbacks, leaving many people in absolute destitution. But A4e's approach is much better. Evidence? None, of course.

On the second issue, Harrison states the government's line with approval, but agrees that "the current process is not adequate". Never fear, A4e is "working with the DWP to see if there is a better way of designing this process".


  1. They only see what they want to see.. and ignore the rest.. In the worst case scenario, they know they have no real answers so they ignore the question.

  2. Yup and she repeats herself on Twitter!!/emmachat

    and quoting an earlier twit of hers ..... "Been encouraged to write my autobiography/ business tips by recounting tales to an accomplished writer. Scary process.." This woman has no limits to her ego it seems!!!!

  3. "leaving many people in absolute destitution", Doesn't A4e run some debt advice schemes, and don't they want to set up their own bank?


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