Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bizarre PR

We are used to A4e sprinkling PR pieces all over the internet, but the latest effort is particularly bizarre. Foodbuzz is a "food blog community" site; but this month A4e joined and on 23rd posted 14 links to pieces on its own website (which, of course, have nothing to do with food).
Note: they've now been removed - see comment below.

One of A4e's Business Improvement Managers has his CV on a jobs site. One intriguing statement on it is that in Flexible New Deal in his contract area he moved "over 45% of referred customers into full time employment". But the DWP has published the figures. In that particular area, between October 2009 and October 2011, A4e had 14,810 starts, of which 3,230 got short-term jobs and 2,150 got "sustained" jobs. Now, even if you add short and long-term together, it only comes to 36.3%. So I wonder where the 45% figure came from.


  1. Regarding the A4e Business Improvement Manager. Let me explain. this is a well known accountancy method borrowed by A4e commonly known as 'smoke and mirrors'.

  2. Sorry Historian. As I mentioned earlier i did complain and lo and behold they have been removed from the website! Do I feel guilty? Sure lol

    "Diane, Nov-30 11:47 (PST):
    We went ahead and removed them from the site since they are a non food related website. If you see any others let us know.
    Diane | Foodbuzz Support |"

  3. Well done, Simone. I think more of us should complain - it clearly works sometimes.

  4. Swings And Roundabouts!

    Well I also wrote to IKEA at the same time to see if they might be interested in some of my greeting card designs and I was told they have enough designers!

    If only .....

  5. Simone: Have you thought of trying charities with your designs?

  6. Good Idea Mr Ponzi. Many thanks.


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