Friday, 22 July 2011


There's a new website for Working Families Everywhere.
Despite the usual hype, this project does not appear to be going to plan. Only 3 local authorities signed up, and 2 of those have not recruited new people but instead redeployed existing staff. Westminster may not even have got that far yet. If the participating authorities think that it works to have one person as the "key worker" for families which need support, there is no reason for them to continue to link to Ms Harrison's project. Are there really going to be contracts in this for A4e, or is it more about publicity for Emma Harrison? The site certainly appears to be a publicity vehicle for her. "We’ve pledged to help 100,000 families get back to work," she says, in the next five years. The words "to help" are crucial here. But her confidence that "this first stage of recruitment will allow us to start building an innovative network of Champions committed to making a real difference" is probably misplaced.

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