Monday, 4 July 2011

Jobs, jobs, jobs

A4e is advertising what looks like a fantastic job - Trainee Strategy & Policy Assistant. You'll need at least a 2:1 degree or a Masters, you'll be mingling with politicians and travelling abroad. An ideal opportunity. But there's something of a puzzle. A4e never gives salary figures but this doesn't mention pay at all. Despite saying, "We will expect you to roll up your sleeves and put a lot into your work. You will be used to that from things you have already achieved at school, university or elsewhere," there's not a whisper of remuneration, and I'm wondering if this is, in fact, an "internship", i.e. an unpaid job, although it doesn't say so directly.

Former A4e employee Hayley Taylor has a new job, a paid one. She "will front Fish4jobs’ regional job fairs, providing face-to-face advice to jobseekers and will host a series of online career workshops hosted by Fish4jobs with practical advice on writing an effective CV and giving a successful interview. Fish4jobs marketing director Sarah EL-Doori says: 'At Fish4jobs we want jobseekers to find the right job to match their skills and experience. Hayley is a fantastic ambassador for us with her practical approach and success rate at helping people find a new role.'"

There's work for A4e in Saudi Arabia. On 2 July Roy Newey tweeted that he was "very excited to get invite from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to design cost operate 5 new job placement centres - this year. Impressed with a4e." Now, lots of British companies make money in Saudi Arabia, so it would perhaps be unfair to single out A4e for criticism here. But when, on the same day, Newey says, "Amazing opportunities for a4e to learn and contribute to global ideas on improving people's lives. An honour to have a seat round the table," you feel that the slogan jars a little. But then he was off to meet the President of Pakistan.


  1. The same ad posted on (search with London as the location) has the salary as £20-25k per annum.

  2. Have you heard the latest rumour yet, Historian?

    "A4e to buy Working Links"

  3. I've seen the rumour but it's just that at the moment. You know how rumours take on a life of their own!

  4. Ha is this like the job as Emma's PA advertised a while back..the young girl gets to parade around London and so on, taking photos and blogging for the staff intranet to see?

    What wasnt quite so tactful was posting her's and Emma's blog/photo's of their trip to New York the same day 3000 members of their staff got their 90 day notice..and to date (I've left now) not ONE apology or offer of condolence to the area's which didnt win the bids. Just yet another shot of the grin and red coat!


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