Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Back to Work Tsar

We can expect more of this. The Digital Spy site has a piece to whet the appetite for the "Famous, Rich and Jobless" programme which begins next Tuesday. Poor old Larry Lamb got it in the neck from Emma: "[Larry] just came up with a host of excuses not to engage with what we were trying to do," Harrison commented. "He hadn't earned a penny and he didn't even make an effort to try and find work. Trying to demonstrate to him the harsh truths of unemployment was exasperating." But it's the next paragraph which is disturbing. "Harrison is the founder of employment agency A4e and is currently working as the government's 'Back to Work Tsar'." She's what? Really? When did that happen? What have I missed?


  1. The Teflon Don2 March 2010 at 12:36

    We obviously missed the coronation. On the other hand, the last one met with a sticky end in 1917! Strictly speaking it should be "Tsarina".

    Perhaps Larry, who was involved in in a BBC program about unemployment in the North East,had heard about A4e and decided not to cooperate with the Tsar/Tsarina. Then again, perhaps it's wishful thinking on my part!

  2. perhaps he saw there was no jobs, and he needed a break, so took a walk. You cant do job search 24/7 you would go insane.

    If she is the tsarina, then she has a conflict of interest, she will send all those back to work o her company, rather than anyone elses..

  3. So it seems Emma H has entered govornment circles in a much bigger way than otherwise imagined!

    It seems Emma H is setting herself up to be an expert on all matters unemployment / jobseeking. I guess if a radio station or TV prog to find an expert on cookery, they'll get Anthony Worral-Thompson or Gary Rhodes. If they want an expert on economics, they'll contact Justin Urquhart Stewart. And if they want someone to give an opinion on entrprenuership or the airline industry, they may use Richard Branson for a quote.

    Speaking of Branson, it seem Emma H is trying to follow in his footsteps, marketing
    herself as much as here core business.

    One good thing should come out of this though - Emma H will be trying to promote this prog and herself on various TV and radio progs. Hopefully, she'll end up on somewhere like Radio 5 Live where listeners can leave emails, texts and so on. I'll be keeping an ear by the radio.

  4. I had no idea A4e was the world's largest employment agency until I read the blurb for the show on the BBC TV website.

    "The are guided and assisted by Emma Harrison, founder of A4e (the largest employment agency in the world, responsible for getting thousands of people back to work),"

    I hope Imatt is right about her doing the media circuit to try and promote the show. But I fear she is far too clever to allow herself to be put in a situation where she'd be confronted with phone calls and emails from disgruntled ex-A4e clients.

  5. Mr Benn, you're right in the sense that I don't think it'll be a Q & A session as such. However, if she does end up on a station such as Radio 5 Live, there is at least a chance, albeit fairly slim one of airing ones views via email or text.


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