Saturday, 6 March 2010

That programme

We're getting the inevitable trailers now for the dreaded "Famous, Rich and Jobless" programme (but no sign of Emma as yet). My TV listings magazine says that the four celebs "are given four days' worth of benefits (£39) and a roof over their heads, and told to go out and get a job without using any of their own contacts". How realistic! Any fool can live on £39 for four days. It's living on it for week after week and month after month, with no reserves to fall back on, which is the challenge. It goes on: "In an impressive display of effort and resilience, three of them pound the streets and manage to get work." See how easy it is! The review ends: "But the big problem is that it has more to do with celebrities coping with discomfort than ordinary people srruggling to get by without a job." Of course. I wonder which came first; "We need another programme with suffering celebs" or "Let's do something to highlight the problem of unemployment"?
Meanwhile A4e's Roy Newey twitters that he's off to India and to China to look for business.


  1. ok, they get £39 for 4 days, do they have a phone, or a mobile, is that taken into account, phoning the job centre , job agencies, then sending a letter with stamps. then theres travel, i have to spend nearly £4 to travel to the town centre and back.

    How did they get the job, because they were famous, which companies, was it with a training agency. And they would see the cv. and it would mention this tv show etc.

    so would electricity be involved, etc etc..

  2. The Teflon Don6 March 2010 at 16:53

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "more to do with celebrities coping with discomfort than ordinary people srruggling to get by without a job." It's entertainment, we've seen them living in the jungle! So someone at the BEEB said how can we compete with ITV in the tabloid TV stakes, and this is what they came up with!

  3. easy to get get a job, i dont think so, this programme aims to tell the lie that all unemployed people are so because its their fault, klook at the ridiculous system we live under its just not working its collapsing i hope people see through this programme, and i dont blame the celebs there mainly just fame hungry fools.

  4. So this programme will not be doing anything to truly reflect the fraught nature of existence on the dole. Frauight because at any time you might find yourself without your benefits and with nothing. There are no guarantees on the dole other than the guaratnee your money will be stopped then and there if you don't agree to further line Emma Harrison's pockets.


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