Friday, 12 February 2010

Report on the Jobseekers' Regime

Anyone concerned with Flexible New Deal will be interested in a report by the DWP on "early findings from the evaluation of the revised Jobseekers Regime and Flexible New Deal (JRFND), the Six Month Offer (6MO) and Support for the Newly Unemployed (SNU), all of which went live in April 2009. The JRFND is being rolled out in two phases; the first from April 2009; the second from April 2010." The report can be downloaded from this site; but beware, it's 196 pages long. There are detailed analyses of the early stages, but not, of course, of the stage at which "customers" are referred to private contractors. One conclusion it reaches (and I confess I haven't read the whole lot) is that the longer someone is unemployed the less likely they are to get a job.


  1. So after many decades of "research" on welfare and unemployment they finally realise that "the longer someone is unemployed the less likely they are to get a job". Idiots...

  2. Just to point out that you're quoting me, not the report, which takes a lot longer to show that. Perhaps it's a good thing to have a detailed analysis of results to prove what we all knew anyway.


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