Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Jim Knight answers a question

Jim Knight couldn't tell Mark Lancaster MP the figures for A4e programmes in his own constituency of Milton Keynes or for England as a whole. But he could tell Hazel Blears MP (coincidentally, no doubt, a member of his own party) "how many young people in the City of Salford have participated in the New Deal for Young People in each year since its introduction." (See TheyWorkForYou.com) Not that the table of figures he provided enlighten us about its success or otherwise. But perhaps that was the point. The DWP certainly keeps stats on outcomes, and it analyses them by provider. The information is published, but not in a constituency by constituency form. It appears that the Department is happy to provide information to MPs on participation in New Deal in their constituencies, but not on outcomes.

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  1. Knowing how many claimants participated in New Deal or any other taxpayer funded job program, constituency by constituency,in itself is of little value unless we know the outcomes.

    Having said that, we all know that unemployment in the UK, by any demographic, has continued to rise for several years.

    They say the nature of the global economy makes governments increasingly ineffectual in tackling unemployment. The important decisions that affect unemployment levels are taken in the boardrooms of multi-national corporations


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