Monday, 24 August 2009

Getting your retaliation in first

With the second episode of Benefit Busters to be aired on Thursday, A4e have begun a PR offensive in local newspapers. The Runcorn and Widnes World is a great example. "Benefit Busters shows how A4e helps the unemployed conquer personal hurdles to find work" says the article, and quotes Emma Harrison at some length. 13 weeks isn't long enough for some people, she says, and she looks forward to FND which "works well with A4e’s own ethos of working with the individual and will ultimately mean we can help more people to come off benefits, get into work and improve their lives.” An impartial, well-researched bit of journalism, obviously.


  1. Somone should tell Emma Harrison if they really want to help the unempoyed conquer personal hurdles they might try employing staff qualified to deal with problems of mental health, debt and alchol/drink rather than the 'short-sharp shock one size fit all' approach of unqualified tutors like Hayley.

  2. for all those who missed benefit busters, its on channel 4 OD, free to watch

  3. Wow have you seen the excerpts on the Channel 4 website - already they look bad, and a clear indication of the alleged fraud in the A4E employees comments.


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