Wednesday, 26 August 2009

BB2 - Preview clips

There are two clips from tomorrow's Benefit Busters programme on the Channel 4 website - and they're worrying. In the first we're given misleading information about the way that providers are paid, but we'll leave that. We're shown how clients are divided into groups, with the "job-ready" being given the most attention as far as finding work is concerned. This is understandable; but I wonder if young Lee - who admits that the drive is to get people into jobs and never mind the rest, because otherwise his own job will be at stake - still works for A4e. In the second clip we hear Mark making the point that was highlighted in the first programme - you can get more on benefits than by working.
Is there really a huge poster of Emma Harrison on the wall at A4e offices?


  1. I saw the clips last night. Very revealing and I noticed they showed the overcrowding too. I think they colour coded the groups didn't they.
    Many people will be watching the series never having heard of A4e and Emma Harrison, and this second show should be another nail in the A4e coffin.
    I've been in contact with someone who was on the New Deal at A4e Hull, look out for Eric

  2. With any luck, they'll be the nail in A4e's coffin. But you know what, A4e will put the usual 'positive' spin on things. And they'll be backed up by members of the public who'll come out with tabloidesque terms such as "scroungers" and "layabouts". Looking at some of the more uninformed comments on the Ch4 Benefit Busters page, some even see what A4e does as a good thing.

    I saw a bit of a BBC prog today called 'Saints and Scroungers'. Apparantly, the program looks at those cheating the benefits system. Just looking at the title, it gives the impression that all those on benefits are undeserving and commiting fraud. Indeed, looking at the Benefits Busters tv ad, is shows a fat couch spud on a couch, remote control in hand Again, showing those on benefits as fat, slovenly, idle sods eating fry-ups and cheap pies all day!

    The above perceptions suit A4e perfectly as people will see this before they start to look at the ineffeciveness of companies such as A4e and the resulting fraud.

  3. Just listening to 'Front Row' on Radio 4 when lo and behold a disparaging review of BB started up, it will be available to listen to on line shortly and is worth a listen, not a word was said in their favour!

    'Arts news and reviews with Mark Lawson.

    How does television treat poverty? Mark Lawson and Kate Saunders discuss ITV's two-part documentary The Duchess on the Estate and Channel 4's Benefit Busters.'

  4. yes there is a poster of emma grinning down at you, with a smug expression.

  5. I used to work for A4e- yes Emma's mug does grin at you from the wall - it was something for the clients to draw on.


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