Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A4e on HubPages

With the helpful widget on the right you can read the latest bits of PR from the company. HubPages is a free mini-blogging site which has been used before now by people on A4e's programmes to express their boredom. For A4e it's a way of getting out some free advertising. Its latest piece, "A4e and the British Heart Foundation", shows how New Deal providers have had to make a virtue out of a necessity. The intention was that clients would spend most of their time out on work placements, but amenable employers have been very hard to find. So providers have turned to the voluntary sector and thousands of clients find themselves working in charity shops and in other such roles. Define "volunteer".
Note the rather sad statement at the bottom of A4e's main HubPages page - "A4e has no fans".


  1. Gerry Attric submitted a comment which I've edited a little:
    "A4e has no fans". Never a truer word was spoken, there's some justice after all. They could try to mend their ways, then they might start getting a good press. But in A4e's case, it's far too late.
    I suspect many voluntary organisations will be having second thoughts about their association with A4e in light of the recent scandals involving Emma's company.

  2. Historian: Sorry, I'm sure you have more than enough work to do keeping this site going without having to edit comments. I won't make the same mistake again.


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