Thursday 16 July 2009

The A4e Community

In need of some advice? Some inspiration? Try the Community on A4e's website. There you will find such gems of wisdom as "Council houses are houses which are owned by local councils"; "People are the foundation of any good business. If you don’t have the right people who are happy and motivated, you don’t have a business"; and "Being a lone parent is tough". You're allowed to leave comments. But, strangely, only one of the posts on the July page has any comments at all, and they are not exactly critical. Could they be moderating out any criticism?
By the way, if you do go to A4e's website, run your cleaner afterwards - it leaves a cookie.


  1. I just posted a comment on the the council houses page of the A4e Community site, so will find out if they do moderate comments. I said "Thank you for advice. I have wife and 7 children, can I get 2 council houses joined as one because the one I have not big enough for all children".

  2. i wonder what other "gems" are on that site.

    It seems that they are talking down to people and people dont like that.

  3. It is a good cheap (so very bad idea for a company with over £2 million turnover, a4e has over 50 times that!) marketing technique for small businesses.

    It isn't about content - it is about getting your site and branding out there.


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