Wednesday, 14 March 2012

PMQs again

Fiona Mactaggart MP had another go at A4e today, raising at Prime Minister's Questions the subject of A4e's two new contracts.  She said that she has received "40 or 50" emails from members of the public alleging fraud by the company, so why had they been given these contracts.  Nick Clegg (it was the deputies doing PMQs today) said the only thing he could say, that an audit has been launched and any evidence of systematic fraud would put an end to all the contracts.
I wonder what Ms Mactaggart has done with all those emails.  Have they been passed to the DWP?


  1. "I wonder what Ms Mactaggart has done with all those emails. Have they been passed to the DWP?"

    Let's hope so!

  2. I can't help but wonder what levels of fraud and/or deception that hover below "systematic" the government deem acceptable.
    In any other walk of life, these investegations would have meant an immediate suspension of contracts pending enquiry.
    Now A4e have 2 new contracts ? It just doesn't make sense, maybe the goverment already know the outcome of these so called "investegations".

  3. I hope the dwp will listen. There is bad business practice, and are they fit to hold the contracts.. It did anger me that they couldnt take past performance into account. Luckily more people are talking and emailing from all over the country, with pretty much the same stories. I would like to see a truly independent group to study these schemes, ofsted used to be able to go in to check but thats been changed so there is no accountability for helping..

  4. Given Iain Duncan Smith's endorsement of the Sun's 'Beat the Cheat' campaign against benefit fraud, it might be pertinent to ask why he is ignoring the biggest cheats of all - A4E.


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