Saturday, 31 March 2012

Notes on comments

While things are quiet I'd like to make some points about comments to this blog. Comments are moderated.  I reject as many as I publish, for various reasons.
  • they contain offensive language (and it's my decision as to what is offensive) 
  • they are abusive towards individuals or groups
  • they make allegations which may or may not be true, but I am in no position to verify them
  • they are illiterate.  I don't require perfect English, but some people obviously don't read what they type.
  • they add nothing to the discussion
I sometimes make the decision to terminate a discussion if it is deteriorating into a slanging match, or someone wants to have a personal argument with me.  It's my blog, after all!
There is a continuing problem with people who don't acquire a pseudonym and simply call themselves "Anonymous".  It can get very confusing.  I don't want to insist that you get a pseudonym, but there's no reason why you shouldn't.  There is no way of identifying you.
If you don't want a comment published, but just want to tell me something, say so at the beginning of the post.  Bear in mind that I can't edit a comment; I can only reject or publish it.  So I can't take out anything and publish the rest.
If you want to reply to another comment, use the "reply" button under that comment.
I use Google alerts (not the same thing as Google search), so I'm usually aware of the latest press and internet pieces.  If you draw my attention to something in the news, I may well be aware of it already, or I may choose not to publish it because I want to do a post about it.  Don't take offence if I don't publish your comment.
I will never publish email addresses.  If you want to contact me directly you can send a comment including your email address.  But I will only reply if I think you have a bona fide reason for wanting to make contact.
Finally, I am grateful to everyone who takes the trouble to comment on posts.  


  1. I post quite often here,usually about %30-%40 of my posts are accepted and upon reflection I tend to understand why (most of the time)they maybe excluded but this is still abrilliant and varied forum.

  2. This is my first time posting so if it's not in the rite place Im' sorry I have been reading this blog with much interest as I have been sent to A4e well to to them but to a sub-contractor Business 2 business
    on going to there website and looking At there success story's came someone
    please corrected me if I am wrong but I was always under the impression that
    in order to get employment one must have a National insurants Number and I was also under the impression that you had to apply for one so how can this company find work so these people with NO NIN ?????
    this is the link and I have copyed from there websit.
    can someone please tell me as I have to go to this company for the WP

    Mr and Mrs Jansuclal came to us when they were struggling to find work.
    They had no National Insurance Numbers and were finding this a barrier with a number of employers.
    Both were highly qualified but were looking for work in any field in order to get established in the UK.
    Our advisor assured them that most employers knew that NINo’s were generally work generated
    and gave them leads with a number of companies who would not see this as a barrier.
    She also told them that any employers who said that they could not take them without a NINo
    could contact us and we would explain the process.
    Through our job leads they have know both obtained employment at Walkers Crisps
    and our advisors are know helping them to achieve their longer term aims of jobs in their specialised fields.

    1. You DO need a NINO to work. What this story presumably means is that if they found work the company (B2B) would go through the process of getting them the NINO. If they were eligible to wotk here it would seem more sensible to go through the process first.

  3. You can also have a temporary NiNo. this is done for new immigrants, it just covers you until you can get the official one.. I once helped someone who had come from china with his parents, and he needed a NiNo.. i spent a couple of days tracking it all down..

  4. I see it's starting again. Now we have one who not only posts as "Anonymous" but he/she doesn't have an insurance number either. It gets worse.

    Look guys, just pick a name, any name. Make one up, go on try it. I'm sure you can do it!

    1. Milly Tant

      I agree with you about pseudonyms. In fairness, though, I used 'Anonymous' in my first couple of posts because when you click the 'select profile' arrow, the option above "anonymous" says, "Name/URL." I don't have a website so I don't have a URL. I thought that meant that I was supposed to choose "anonymous." I only worked out that I could use the pseudonym "Judi" and not bother about a URL once I became a bit bolder about how the software works on this blog.

      So I think it is understandable if people (especially newbies) are making the same mistake that I made myself to begin with. I don't even know what any of the other options mean apart from Name/URL and Anonymous. I am not that clever with computers!

      What I would say, though, to anyone who reads this post is, 'Once you have chosen your pseudonym, please use the same one each time.' It just makes it easier to follow the train of somebody's posts across a whole series of articles by historian if the poster uses the same pseudonym each time.

  5. Good point, Judi. I hadn't thought of newbies getting confused. I apologies to the newbies for my earlier comment!


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