Thursday, 25 August 2011

Today Programme interview

You're having your breakfast calmly when up pops Emma Harrison. There was a disgraceful interview on the Today programme this morning, Justin Webb completely without research or knowledge and pretty much fawning on the woman. The clich├ęs were all there. "Poking" came up again. When Webb seemed about to murmur a challenge she talked over him. Webb said it was a "fantastic idea" but what happens when some members of families don't co-operate? She didn't tackle that, unsurprisingly, just talked about the benefits of working with whole families rather than individuals. She said that she had a cross-party parliamentary group advising her, and that all of them were going to be told that they had to volunteer to do help. Webb said she was a persuasive person - she said she was heading up a campaign.
It was as bad as it gets. Lovely free publicity. When are we going to get real journalism backed by real research?


  1. Hi, I start on an A4E program on Tuesday. Does anyone have any advice about it?

  2. As a fairly regular Radio 4 listener I had the misfortune to hear the interview. Same old supericial stuff.

    Ever since the digital switchover, I discovered the Keiser Report on Russia Today. If any of you have watched it, you know you get a much informative and a no-holes barred anlaysis of the Bristish economy and our government. I look forward to the day when Emma Harrison comes to their attention!

  3. Once the BBC's flagship news programme, the Today programme has either been in decline or muzzled since the election. Earlier this year John Humphrys did two disgraceful interviews with Chris Grayling who was allowed unchallenged use of "statistics" known at the time to be suspect and since proved false. Today is a pale shadow of what it once was

  4. The free public relations campaign aided by unprofessional and uncritical journalists continues. Take a look at this week's Sheffield Telegraph front page story. Seems the wonderwoman has a friend, ally, an supporter called David Blunkett (but no mention that he trousered 30k a year for this).


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