Monday, 15 August 2011

This time it's really A4e and the riots

A report in the Telegraph - "UK and London riots: David Cameron vows to 'turn around' 125,000 troubled families by 2015". Yes, Cameron's response to the riots is a promise "to put 'rocket boosters' on a programme being developed by Emma Harrison, founder of the work programme contractor A4e, to tackle anti-social families." Brilliant. We thought that Harrison's scheme was about workless families, so presumably "workless" equals "anti-social". And we thought that the funding for this was coming from the European Social Fund and private companies have had to bid for the contracts. Perhaps Cameron doesn't know that. Or perhaps he means to put A4e in charge of another scheme on top of that. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


  1. This has certainly made my blood boil. I certainly want to give doleyears another go and aim it all towards this useless woman.

  2. I have a recurring dream where David Cameron is home alone, his wife has gone shopping. On her return she finds the house completely empty! "Where's the furniture" she screams. "Oh", says David, "this nice man knocked at the door and said if he could borrow it for 2 hours he would give us a million pounds".


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