Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Who Knows Best? Now you don't need to watch

I don't want to spoil it for you, but the Guardian already has, publishing a review of tonight's programme prematurely. A4e's Emma Harrison won the challenge, getting the lad chosen for her by Ray Lewis a £17.5k position in a city firm. See, it's easy! But the writer of the piece, Alison Benjamin, isn't impressed. "The viewer was .... left with the sneaking suspicion that the competitive duo had called in the favour of friends as gospel-spouting Lewis lines up a position for Dave as a caretaker at a church-run community centre, and well-connected Harrison gets John a job in the City." Benjamin continues: "My main gripe is not so much with the programme itself – other than it was yet another vehicle for Harrison and Lewis to satisfy their insatiable appetites for self-publicity – but more with how the programme fails to highlight the government's flawed approach to tackling unemployment. It stands to reason that anyone given the tailored, one-to-one, intensive support, guidance and care that John received has a much better chance of being offered a job than someone left to languish on the types of employment programmes that welfare-to-work providers receive large sums of taxpayers' money to deliver in the form of government contracts. Another TV show, The Fairy Jobmother, bears this out. It features former Harrison employee Hayley Taylor going into people's homes to transform their job chances."
And well done to Mark Shields for keeping up his campaign. He was one of the people who were "advised" by Harrison on "Famous, Rich and Jobless" and he's still out of work. Let's hope the publicity helps him.
So, can I watch something else at 9.00 tonight?


  1. anyone with half a brain can see its just a publicity stunt and it makes me sick, using unemployed people in this way its sad, no one would give someone a job for 17 n a half k who had never had a job!! shame on you emma

  2. Utter utter rubbish. This has to be one of the most vile things i've ever seen. The unemployed as pure chattel. Whoever that Ray Lewis is, what an unpleasant godbothering bully. I find people like him are a joke. As for Emma Harrison's 'holistic' approach? Does she even know the company she runs? The whole programme is a joke.

  3. Well i rest my case.I thought Famous Rich Jobless was poor,but this was dire.Firstly they were in London,where i agree it is still hard to get work,but it must be a little easier.She then kits her lad out in a new suit,tie,shirt.I think this is some service,shame i never even got the hand,i was given the tears though.I would jump at that job at 17k,i lay the gauntlet down to Emma,please come and finish the job you started with me,use your contacts and help me with a hand ,standing by my side.Give me a call. Mark Shields, mark.shields9@btinternet.com.


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