Monday, 23 August 2010

The house she grew up in

If you're interested in Emma Harrison's childhood, this BBC Radio 4 programme is for you. But you won't learn anything about A4e. The programme starts at Thornbridge Hall, with its 100 acres of land. Emma describes it as a "mini Versailles" and enthuses over how big everything is. They then move to her childhood home in Belgrave Road, Sheffield, where she talks about her father, her largely absent mother, and the influences on her. Next it's to her secondary school, where she turned into an entrepreneur. And they finish up back at Thornbridge Hall, which she describes as a community of friends. All quite interesting. She is "one of the UK's wealthiest self-made women". But the only mention of A4e is as having government contracts for welfare to work. No other contracts are listed. The scope of the company's interests is ignored.
Okay, this wasn't a programme about the business. But that's the problem. All this publicity for Emma Harrison takes the place of any scrutiny of her company.


  1. Pity there's never a Q&A session within these progs Ms Harrison appears on. Pity. Then again, the pohne lines and email in boxes would suffer from overload failure!

  2. I'm just releived that This Is Your Life is no longer on TV. She appears to have done everything else!

  3. Don't worry, there's still Dragon's Den. Word is the BBC want younger tycoons to atteact a younger audience! That's the day I stop watching..!!


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