Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Vacancy for proofreader at A4e

Doesn't anyone at A4e spot howlers like the one in the very first sentence of the "news" piece on their MyA4e site which tells us how John from last night's programme is doing? "John is doing real well in his new job," we're told. This is lousy grammar (it should be "doing really well", if you're still puzzled). Perhaps they think it doesn't matter, but there are still many of us who wince at such ignorance. We also wince at cliches like "exceeding expectations" and using "transition" as a verb. Good luck to John; but I remember a badge I used to own, which bore the legend, "Don't tell me what kind of day to have."


  1. Terrible grammar. It should read "John is doing real well in his new job,Dude".
    Seriously though, they could change their motto to read "Improving people's lives If not their grammar"

  2. exceeding expectations, everyone thought i would do badly, but i did worse, so i exceeded expectations.

  3. Having seen several A4e "publications", their inability to meet basic eleven plus standards does not suprise me. is yet another example of their high(sic) standards.


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