Friday, 8 May 2015


Since the demise of A4e I've waited to formally close this blog until after the election.  It's been a hard day; but not as hard for me as for the people who can now see no end to their misery.  There were only three bright spots in the results; Galloway, Farage and, of course, Esther McVey.
So what do I do now?  There is no point in my blogging about "welfare reform".  There are lots of blogs and websites out there, and active groups too, which fight that more effectively than I can.  If you have any (sensible) suggestions for another challenge I can take on via the internet I'll be glad to consider them.
Meanwhile I want to say thank you.  To the journalists who, usually without their knowledge, helped me, but especially to Solomon Hughes of Private Eye and Job Rabkin of Channel 4 News.  To the many commenters, some of whom posted harrowing stories and left us wondering what happened to them after that.  And to the faithful regular readers and commenters who gave me encouragement, links to stories and perceptive comments.  Some of you have been with me from the very beginning.  Thanks especially to Ian.
Bye for now.


  1. A4e may have been subsumed into a larger company but there still remains the blight that is the W2W industry. The maladministration, injustices and abuses will continue - possibly with renewed malice. Maybe Historian should just expand the scope of the blog to cover the whole W2W scam?

  2. And a conversation with a rather pig-headed cousin of mine this evening reminds me just why this blog (and a couple of others I could mention) are not just worthwhile but essential reading. He said he voted Tory on Thursday (despite saying he never voted).

    Okay, his prerogative. However, he then went into a rant about how Labour never looked after people and how most of those claiming benefits were asylum seekers, immigrants and those he suggested were ''going through the motions'', i.e. did not want to work . He is also somehow convinced Cameron will not make any more cuts.

    I had to put him straight on a couple of points, namely that most benefits are claimed by pensioners and those IN WORK via tax credits. And that Cameron is still wedded to making various cuts including £12bn worth of benefits cuts. Does he think there would be no wide reaching consequences?

    He even idiotically suggested removing benefits entirely form those who did not want to find a job. Again, I had to put him straight by suggesting the increase in crime would cost considerably more than benefits would cost.

    When some people are ignorant of the facts, and when we have an ideological government ever intent on deception and a divide and rule agenda, it becomes ever more important for the rest of us to have reliable and truthful information to hand, whether in the form of this blog or elsewhere.

    Goodbye Historian. It's been a real blast!

  3. As a suggestion, maybe you could tackle the lack of mental health care in the community due to lack of funds by the government and insistence of cutting social services / other essential services?

  4. Oh dear, Historian. I'm not ready to deal with any more bad news at the minute.

    Have you had any feedback from A4e's staff? Are they all being TUPEd across to A4e's new owner? If yes, are they happy about it?

    1. Unfortunately no we were not all transferred. These was a round of layoffs to coincide with the takeover and since then a lot more of what was A4E staff have been made redundant. For example the office where I was employed had over 20 now a year after the takeover there is only four

  5. Sick of the Work Programme10 May 2015 at 11:09

    Please don't go, Historian! So-called 'Welfare to Work' initiatives will no doubt become even more punitive now we have a government comprised solely of Tories.

  6. I for one just want to thank you! All though at times you have rebuked me? it was almost always justified,you have been a rock and I will miss the advice and banter..Cheers for everything.

  7. You could all pop over to - my new blog.

  8. LOL I Got referred to A4E as part of the NEA programme. Can I refuse to work with convicted fraudsters?

  9. Great blog, being following off and on since 2009.

  10. Well, it looks as though Priti Patel is now the new Employment Minister replacing the vacuous Esther Mcvey. Will she be spreading the same lies and justifying the same failures as her boss Iain D. Smith?

    Expect the same answers to does the Pope still lean heavily towards Catholicism and do bears still do their 'business' in woodland areas?

  11. Been following since 2009.. you've served us well thank you =)

  12. End of an era, sorry to see you signing off. Been following this blog on an off for many years since I left A4e, generally you were well ahead of what the employees of A4e knew!

    Thanks for everything!

  13. Thanks to you too 'Historian', you really helped a lot - In theory the Web is an open medium, where everyone can have a say, but in practice a lot of it is an echo chamber, where you just see articles from the 'mainstream' media recirculated with comments. I think your website is one of those that went very much beyond that - actually getting proper , original, otherwise unheard news and comment and analysis out there - many thanks - Solomon Hhughes

  14. Couldn't this blog just be retitled "Watching PeoplePlus"??

    If A4e can rebrand then why can't this blog?

  15. As someone who worked and resigned from a4e I commend you for your tenatcity in standing up to this dreadful company.

    You have my respect!


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