Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Three Wheels on my Wagon

My older readers may remember the song.  It was a big comedy hit in 1962.  It begins:

Three wheels on my wagon
And I'm still rolling along –
The Cherokees are chasing me
Arrows fly
Right on by
But I'm singing a happy song!

The pioneer keeps going as there are two wheels on his wagon, then one - then none.  But he's still singing his happy song.  For the full lyrics see this page; or for the complete musical experience see this video.  (Go on, it's funny.)

I was reminded of the song watching Iain Duncan Smith yesterday.  The Labour MPs had brought the debate on the chaos at the DWP, and they reeled off the list of disasters and accounts of the suffering of real people.  But the few Tory MPs who had bothered to turn up simply chortled, as they always do, and IDS smirked.  His response was so lacking in any acknowledgement of things going wrong, and so devoid of any humanity, that I switched back to the tennis.
The one part of the debate which has been posted online over and over again is the speech by Glenda Jackson.  The video is here.  Note the sneer on IDS's face.  He is utterly contemptuous of a woman who is infinitely his superior.
The wheels have come off Smith's grand project one by one, but he's still rolling along, utterly deluded, singing his happy song about how everything is going to be wonderful.


  1. This is the best speech I have heard in a long time.

    I wish she were leader of the Labour party.

  2. Now THIS is uncanny! I just watched this speech by Glenda Jackson not 5 mins ago on my laptop!

    I've said it before, but Smith is a shameless individual! Hence the sneering, finger jabbing and contempt for others when challenged.

  3. Excellent Speech by Glenda Jackson..... George Iain Duncan Smith being bitch slapped by Glenda is an excellent quote to be placed on his Tombstone.

  4. Has Glenda been reading this blog!

    Seriously, she makes four good points: One, the lack of transparency at the DWP, the lack of humility within IDS, the failure of ATOS to adequately assess the sick (see below) and the sycophantic nature of the Tories.

    On ATOS I was watching a select committee investigating ESA the other week were its public relations spokeswoman said that when they assess the sick they DO NOT take into account mental illness.

    As such, in my opinion, the process is flawed.

    PS, note IDS on his own on the front bench...


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