Friday 1 November 2013

How quickly they forget

Just a quick Friday afternoon post, inspired by an article in the Telegraph I saw when I was browsing through the news feeds.  It's written by Sophy Ridge, who apparently is the political correspondent of Sky News.  Imagine my surprise when up popped a photo of Emma Harrison, A4e's owner and erstwhile chair.  Harrison is one of a number of female "tsars" which the government has appointed, usually pointlessly, when it should be promoting women to genuine positions of power, says Ms Ridge.  But she gets it wrong about Harrison.  She writes: "David Cameron appointed her as his 'Troubled Families Champion', tasked with turning around the lives of 5,000 households and helping to get parents back into work.  Fast-forward to February 2012, when the police announced they were investigating alleged fraud by A4e employees, and Ms Harrison was forced to resign from the post."
Well, no.  It was the fact that she had paid herself £8.6 million in one year which caused the furore and forced her resignation.  But that was getting on for two years ago, so one can't expect a journalist to remember that far back.

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