Thursday, 26 September 2013

Work Programme data

The figures have been published.  There's a summary here or a detailed analysis here.  Unless you're a glutton for statistics, it takes some ploughing through, but one significant point is that only 18 out of 40 contracts achieved their minimum performance targets, and the performance for ESA claimants is terrible.  I'll wait for someone else to analyse these figures properly and extract the meat, but it's much as we expected - not very good.
As several readers have already pointed out, A4e is one of the companies being penalised for poor performance, as the BBC reports.  But all that happens is that they see a small cut in the number of referrals in three areas.


  1. Browsed through the report,almost too much info as if they are trying to bury the core statistics,the sustainment rates are confusing to say the least and the term "Break from claiming Benefits" is actually sinister as it could mean Sanctions.

  2. A4E is being penalised by having the number of referrals reduced due to poor performance....not really as the number of referrals are declining anyway

    1. They would lose the attachment fees though.

  3. NOT fOR PUBLICATION. Hello "Of the 1.3 million people referred to the scheme since 2011, only 168,000 have found proper work, and around a third of them did not remain in employment."


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