Thursday, 5 May 2011

A4e Community Managers

A fascinating job advert has appeared on the Third Sector website for A4e Community Managers. The job spec is very detailed and gives a clear picture of how A4e intends to get people onto their Work Programme. They are looking for voluntary referrals "by implementing a strategic community engagement strategy". The emphasis is on marketing the programme directly to residents of an area and through local voluntary and other organisations, and the Jobcentres. This is in reaction to the fact that A4e is in competition with other providers in their five areas and so has to go out and persuade all those concerned that A4e is the best. "To be considered for this role you must be able to demonstrate A4e’s ‘DNA’ – Trusted, Passionate, Driven, Brave, Friendly and Caring."

The unemployed can look forward to vigorous competition to sign them up. As with FND, it will be some time before there are any results on which to judge the providers.


  1. Had to laugh when I saw the word "Brave" in the following. "To be considered for this role you must be able to demonstrate A4e’s ‘DNA’ – Trusted, Passionate, Driven, Brave, Friendly and Caring."

    When was the last time you saw that in a job advert? Perhaps they mean brave in the sense of standing up to bolshy clients?

    On a different topic, the official A4e site says they have the option to be a sub-contractor for other providers in several areas of the UK!

  2. Money For Jam

    Quote from their advert: A4e is a social purpose company with one sole aim. To improve people's lives around the world. We do this by helping them to find work, skills, direction – or whatever it is they need.

    I am just wondering if they are in breach of Advertising Authority rules. From direct personal experience they fail to deliver. On the other hand the word aim might be viewed as a get out clause.

    I am just back from signing on and told that Stage 5 has now finished and I have a new Adviser. The next stage in a couple of weeks is The Work Programme. It will not be a4e again, thankfully, as I am in central London so probably Ingeus who as Work Directionns I was under three years ago..

    In less than two months I will have reached state pension. I wonder if Ingeus will claim a bonus for me signing off!

  3. Interesting item on You And Yours Radio 4 just aired. A Peter someone, sorry I did not catch his surname, from an organisation,, America Works, was outlining their methods of getting the unemployed with special needs, working. Certainly forget training was part of his message .....

    The guy is meeting with the DWP later in the day .....

    As was pointed out The States economy is hardly booming!


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