Friday, 21 January 2011

Family Champions and that summit

That presentation by Emma Harrison at the UK Nordic Baltic Summit has been put online; at least, the slides have. Judging by the introduction - "Every family gets a Family Champion who sorts stuff out and gets jobs – holistically – directing all existing efforts and resources towards Families with a sense of purpose, working, independent and Helping Others" - it was big on ambition and capital letters. And we have some new jargon. "Holistically" is nice, but "poking" as a description of what agencies have been doing with troubled families is not. Still, Emma can fix it. The Family Champion is going to be "one holistic point of support" to turn 500 such families into "working families".
Perhaps there were questions after this presentation; we're not told. Someone might have asked about the qualifications needed by these Family Champions, the training they will receive, and their relationship with other agencies. Someone might have asked whether "working" is the same as "volunteering". Someone, indeed, might have raised the Flexible New Deal results.

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  1. "every family gets a family champion who sorts stuff out"! brilliant emma no more unemployment then right.


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