Thursday, 2 December 2010

She didn't say that!

Emma Harrison of A4e is furious at the Guardian's story yesterday which quoted a press release that has her saying, "The coalition government's cuts are, in fact, fantastic!" She used the comment function on the article's web page to say, "I did not have any knowledge of this press release. I did not ask for it, write it or approve it. My views are wholly and utterly misrepresented and from what I can determine were written by someone from Hillgrove that I have never met with, or spoken to. The blog writer by his own admission was suspicious that these were not my sentiments but he did not bother to check with me. Ummmmmm." A second comment from her reads: "My PR company? I rang them. They have apologised. Junior that i do not know, trying to get the attention of editors with dramatic, distorted and what I consider to be offensive views. Not my views. Shame the blog writer did not check with me or other Guardian articles they have written about me and my views - the ones when they have actually spoken to me....... Ummmmmm. PS I am not a baddy."
I believe Emma (although I'm not sure what the "Ummmmmm" means). Someone added a sentence to the standard stuff which was way over the top, and good for her for responding to it. But there's a lesson there. To go all out for publicity is dangerous.


  1. having first hand experience of being misquoted (as well as downright lies being told) by A4e staff, perhaps Ms Harrison now understands what it feels like. Will we now see her subordinates being instructed in accurate and honest record keeping as a result ?

  2. If you are really 'Watching A4e' then why don't you post any positive activity that the business does? With A4e as core funder and Emma as the founder of the FSI the business has a massive commitment to charities and is living proof that a private concern can act to support third sector organisations. This blog should actually be called 'Watching Welfare to Work' anyway as it is not just A4e who are mentioned so you are totally contradicting yourself. It's perfectly obvious that you have a personal gripe against the organisation. You should do your research before acting out continually to report any news concerning A4e in the most negative way possible. Shame on you because I know how much the people who work at A4e are truly genuine in their mission to improve people's lives and reach the hardest to help. Why not follow the content on the A4e community site and actually take some time to re-educate yourself a bit. A4e are not the demons you portray them to be and it would be interesting to know who actually runs this site and what your vested interest is in the continual onslaught against the business. As you will not reveal who you actually are then you have the benefit of hiding behind faceless blog updates. You will never post this anyway as you will just see it as a 'pro A4e' piece of propoganda from someone who has to remain anonymou. So go ahead and post some sort of smug update from this and use it to spread a bit more hate. If anyone is really 'Watching A4e' then why not 'Watch' the official facebook page or the community site news feed and share that with others. These examples of charity work, volunteering activity and success stories for long term unemployed people are happening every day but you choose to ignore them. Why not post these links so people can make an informed decision?!/A4eofficial

  3. I'm happy to publish your point of view. This blog merely sets out a different point of view. A4e's official sites and press releases get plenty of publicity, but naturally they don't present the whole story.

  4. Anon 2, why not look at the other side of A4e yourself. You think the owner of this bog is the only person questioning the activities of your company? You need to open your eyes!!

    Look at YouTube or simply type in "A4e is a joke" into Bing, Google or Yahoo and you'll see scores of links critical of A4e. Just look at the most recent Guardian article linked to on this blog. Again, 99% of the posts there do not paint your company in the best light.

    I could go on and give my own negative experiences of your company. But I won't. Firstly, I have done so here already. Secondly, it will give you the opportunity to do some homework to see just what clients think of the level of service offered by A4e in their own words, not mine or the owner of this blog.

    You need to ask yourself the question: Why does A4e generate so much hostile controversy?

    Lastly, if you're calling people faceless, why not reveal YOURSELF and stop being so 'anonymous'?

  5. I've just rejected 3 comments; two from ex-clients of A4e, and one from the member of staff (who now wants to be known as Carter8). I've rejected them because I see no point in the exchange of abuse. But I want to say one thing to Carter8. I personally have no wish to denigrate A4e's front-line staff, and regularly reject comments which do. The vast majority are just trying to do the best job they can, as no doubt you are.

  6. Historian, I was not abusive. I merely outlined my experience with one particular A4E office and that I felt that private employment agencies are a far better solution.

  7. Historian Hi, Not related to this article of course. My understanding from what I have read is that Wagner notified the DWP of his imminent participation on the X Factor. He comes across as a "decent" guy and he probably did have a "frozen" shoulder but it has healed since -- obviously!

  8. Hi Historian,

    I have read this blog for many months now and felt that I had to comment in response to the comments made by anonymous above.

    Without your blog highlighting the activities of A4e and your promotion of a balanced viewpoint of the organisation, I feel many of us would be in the dark about their true aims and objectives. Propoganda is a great tool and one that A4e uses so well with Emma at the forefront of this.

    I would love to know who made the comments above and certainly have my suspicions who they are as most people who read this site will have also.

    What this blog IMO really demonstrates is that there is clearly another side to the A4e story that the lay person does not get to see or read in mainstream popular media. Historians input is highly valuable and I applaude he / she for their continual research and bringing a balanced argument to the table.

    Having first hand experience of A4e I concur with many of the sentiments expressed here by historian and many of the blog followers. I could even go further here and evidence explicitly my experiences but that would demonstrate a weakness and bitterness on my part.

    I live in hope that with OFSTED, Freedom of Information, and new measures of sustainable job outcomes claimed by private organisations being ever more transparent, that these profit hungry, media driven and propoganda rich organisations will truly be exposed for the "value added" and "improvement in lives" their work has given to clients.

    I wait to see how "Passionate" these organisations and their people are in "improving peoples lives" by their so called actions of "doing well by doing good"

    Historian, we would be lost without your valuable input so please keep up the good work for the cause!


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