Sunday, 21 November 2010

..... and another TV appearance

Emma Harrison popped up again on the northern regional segment of BBC1's The Politics Show today. It was one of those pointless bits of superficial discussion, sparked by a report from Sheffield Hallam University which says that the problem for the North of England is that there aren't any jobs to push people into. A reporter went to Barnsley and looked at a job search scheme in a community project; but the Council leader said there was an urgent need for job creation schemes because the private sector couldn't fill the gap.
The interviewer, Tim Iredale, was joined by Karl Turner (a Hull MP) in the studio and Emma Harrison "from her kitchen". What did Emma make of the report? It shocked her, she said. A4e are finding jobs for people in Barnsley every day. But we must make sure that it pays to take a job. We have third generation unemployment. Turner stressed that jobs are being cut. Harrison was asked whether she was seeing evidence of new private sector jobs. Oh yes, they're finding people jobs every day. The new system will allow people to take part-time jobs. We shouldn't scare people with big numbers (!!!). The job cuts will be gradual. Turner said that Labour's schemes had put lots of people back to work. (At this point one knew that there was no chance of any of this being challenged by the interviewer.) Iredale asked Harrison how to break the culture of worklessness. This gave her the opportunity to push the idea of working with whole families.
All that was achieved was yet more publicity for Emma Harrison and A4e.


  1. Finding people jobs every day?

    On fND in terms of sustained jobs(the only ones worth talking about) I think use of the plural is technically correct-but only just! (by my maths it worked out that A4e found a massive 2 sustained jobs for people every day!)

  2. Live in council house, get a minimum wage job, forced out of council house, paying private more expensive rent, 4 months later loose job, no money no home cant pay rent, no council home im on council waiting list, now homeless, no home no job?


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