Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A4e and your money

A new description of A4e - "a public service employment support scheme" - comes from the Huddersfield Examiner's piece on a local firm.
More important is the fact that A4e has another big contract. The quango The Consumer Financial Education Board has awarded the contracts to deliver money guidance, dividing the UK between the CAB and A4e. "Private sector provider of frontline public services A4E" (yet another description) gets England and Northern Ireland, while the CAB gets Wales and its Scottish counterpart Citizens Advice Scotland gets the rest. A4e had been running a pilot scheme in the North West. I wonder how you measure the success of such pilot schemes. Anyway, it's another nibble out of the public purse for A4e.

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  1. Rixonway employ (or have employed):
    Four from Worklink scheme, set up by Kirklees Council.
    Two from the Pathways scheme (20 years ago).
    Twentyfive from Jobcentre Plus.
    Five from a youth training scheme KYT.
    Four from A4e.

    Not exactly an overwhelming majority from A4e's perspective, and I guess they would want to play down the numbers.

    Now a question - Of those four Rixonway placements, if they were wanting to pursue a complaint against A4e, would they get fair and impartial advice ?

    As this new "Work Programme" gets rolled out across the country, I can see more and more people having need of free advice. But if A4e has their grubby fingers in both pots, those on the receiving end are going to suffer.


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