Thursday, 19 August 2010

More TV for Emma

In the last few days, thanks to Google alerts, I've counted no less than ten different websites on which the same press release from A4e appears: "Emma Harrison speaks to the Guardian about Flexible New Deal." It's hardly of great importance. A new A4e office is opening in October and they are using it to train 800 new staff delivering FND. The office is supposedly more user-friendly. A straightforward PR piece. But I can't find it anywhere on the Guardian's website. Perhaps they decided it wasn't worth running; but it's cluttering up cyberspace anyway.

But publicity is what it's all about, and we learn today that yet another TV programme starring Emma Harrison is in the pipeline. The Flintshire Chronicle tells us that "The chairman and owner of leading training and recruitment provider A4e has paid a visit to the Shotton office in Deeside to film her latest television documentary." It's for an independent production company, TwentyTwenty TV. The Shotton A4e office has identified a lucky family "which will be helped to overcome employment issues." This will no doubt interest Mark Shields, who was featured in "Famous, Rich and Jobless" getting advice from Emma, but who is still out of work and feeling used and abandoned by Ms Harrison.


  1. The FND piece has all the hallmarks of a regurgitated non-news piece. Most likely referring to old news from last year when the FND contracts were being rolled out.

    As for the Shotton report, perhaps Ms Harrision would like to visit some of the other offices and educate staff on how to "communicate effectively with customers".

  2. Good Afternoon,i thank you for bringing this to my attention.I feel Emma Harrison, as i have already been quoted as saying, rides on the backs of the unemployed.I can vouch for this as to the way i was treated by Emma Harrison and the BBC.I was never told that Emma Harrison was calling on the day at my house,on the last minute they asked me if i would speak to her,to which i thought how great it will be and how much she will help me,as after all she is a famous Government recruitmant Tsar.I was fooled,she showed me the tears and the arm around me,but that was all for the cameras.As she left i was full of hope,but she never contacted me again.I E mailed numerous times,finally to be told i was not in her area,funny i was when she wanted to come in my house with a camera crew.I say Emma Harrison you have a duty of care,you cannot just walk into people lifes and walk out again.
    I continued to try and contact her,i have sent E Mails and asked through the media,still no response,this is supposed to be a lady who cares,all i can say is Emma Harrison come and finish the job you started please.I am desperate family man who i shared very personal information with you,you cannot keep running from me as one day i hope we will get the chance to correct a wrong doing by you.
    At the moment urge people to think twice,Emma Harrison only takes part in these programmes to further her own ambitions,once the camera stops you will be a forgotten person.
    I am building a portfolio of my issues,but i also need everyones help,please e mail me with your issues.My e mail is anyone can get Emma harrison to talk to me,that would also be most welcome.


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