Thursday, 6 March 2014

Universal Job Match

A quick post before I write a more considered one.  Channel 4 News want your experiences of the UJM website.  See here.  The email address for replies is  (Replace "at" with @, obviously.)  Get on and do it quickly.


  1. Historian, hope you don't mind but I've put this on the Guardians current thread about Univ Jobmatch:

  2. having been mandated to sign up to the universal job match in November 2013 I've experienced nothing but problems,out of order vacancies i.e. today's vacancies on page 01 & page 16 !, multiple same vacancies advertised,can't apply for some vacancies without logging in & then you must except terms and conditions which stated "we except no responsibility for data loss or errors".There is also a maximum of 25 vacancies per page and only 40 pages in total which equals = 1,000 vacancies so i've asked this question at my local Jobcentre how can you show thousands of job vacancies but can only search 1,000 ? .but your fobbed off with complain on the site ! ....universal job match is only designed to catch job seekers out and a tools for issuing sanctions !.your better off looking at other search sites, but the fundamental problems the lack of sustainable jobs !! and the increase of workfare,work experience and other unpaid so called jobs.

  3. Sent this:

    Dear C4,

    I have been using UJM since its introduction in Nov' 12. I believe you are aware of the potential for fraud on the site but I would like to make you aware of the fundamental problem of the site and it is this - the lack of genuine, local job opportunities advertised on the site.

    It is very apparent to me that over the past year there are fewer and fewer local employers advertising on UJM. Most of the jobs on UJM are 'non-jobs' i.e. jobs that either don't exist or are duplicated or were you could not make a reasonable living from e.g. catalogue distribution (Avon, Betterware), agencies touting for applicants but were no job exists.

    I believe that local employers have stopped advertising on the site due to the volume of applications they receive, many probably sent in desperation and which could not be reasonably considered.

    UJM has not and will not create a single job. It is simply a portal for non-jobs and a means whereby the government can continue the pretence that it is creating jobs and helping the unemployed find work when in reality it has abandoned them to an unproductive and soul-destroying process.

    Yours sincerely,

  4. Another nail in the coffin for the Universal Credit.

  5. That about sums it up,at my last signing on I was informed that UJM would no longer be acceptable as proof of my job search,I think that also sums it up.

    1. I have been given a booklet to fill in, the WS1 'My Work Plan'. In it I have to detail in any given week what I intend to do to find work and (Part 2) what I did.

      As for UJM generally, I have been told by a Job Centre manager that ALL JC+ duties are to 'go digital', so I think we can expect an EXPANSION of UJM.

      As for IDS. He will be sacked before the General Election. Cameron will then try and distance himself from the disaster of their welfare 'reforms'.

  6. lve only started,on jsa last week.and its already made me feel worthless,all this tory led government does is stick the boot into the most needy in our country.billions of pounds for the banksters,but you ask for jsa,or other benefits.then you have to dance to there tune....


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