Thursday, 6 March 2014


Sorry to keep doing this, but there's something else our regular readers need to know.
The Sunday Politics programme (BBC1, 11.00 am) have Iain Duncan Smith as the guest.  They are tweeting that they want questions for him - use the hashtag #askIDS
They will be deluged, so be succinct.


  1. I would ask him about his qualifications how lying on a CV got him his job.. How he lived with the daughter of a very rich man when he was "unemployed". I would have to be careful not to swear. What is the betting they will only put the pro comments. I wonder if they do let through real questions how long it is before the quiet man isnt quiet anymore

    1. You won't get those sorts of questions on, but it won't be just the pros. I'm trying!

    2. I know, but i really hope they let a few good ones through.. maybe a 5 column someone on the switchboard who knows someone who is unemployed ;)..Stranger things have happened ;)

  2. It'll be entertaining to watch on Twitter, but that's probably about it.

    IDS isn't a bright man and isn't good at thinking on his feet. He's the sort of person who confuses spouting buzzwords with insight, and platitudes with sincerity. I expect his handlers will manage this carefully, as every time he's allowed out in public there's usually some sort of calamity or other.

    Thing is, I still don't doubt his sincerity that much. It's just that life on Planet IDS is so entirely different to the real world that he's incapable of realising that his policies and those of his government are mostly useless and often harmful.

    Someone recently described him as not being a member of the reality-based community, which seems to hit the nail on the head - although we should be careful what we wish for. IDS might be incompetent, but the alternatives would have been and are much worse.

  3. I’m looking forward to this week’s Sunday Politics show. IDS always makes an utter fool of himself whenever he opens his mouth, so his bit of the show will be cross between exasperation and entertainment for the viewers, I expect.

    If I thought IDS might have a clue what it is, I’d like to ask him about the Independent Living Fund. Apparently, the DWP have redefined what “equality” is so they plan to press ahead and scrap the ILF with effect from 30 June 2015, according to Mike Penning yesterday:

    I’d like to ask what does the ILF actually provide? Is it the bit that pays for Motability cars and/or scooters and/or free bus passes? If not then what does it provide for severely disabled people?

    IDS doesn’t do “clued up, joined up thinking,” so it would be a waste of time to ask him.

  4. Just found this at

    Could make for some uncomfortable reading as far as IDS is concerned.

  5. Caught this programme by chance and Ian Duncan Smith seemed to have all the answers to awkward questions, unfortunately. To the general public, very plausible.


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