Monday, 16 January 2012


Two brief updates. The first is about Cait Reilly, the young woman who is challenging the system of forcing people to work for their benefits. The Guardian has published an article by her explaining the background and her reasons. I gather that such well-informed social commentators as Jan Moir and Vanessa Feltz have turned their guns on her. There's a vast number of comments under the article, of course. Where would we be without the Guardian and Private Eye?

Secondly, A4e has responded to the barrage of criticism about the role of the voluntary sector in the Work Programme by publishing a number of testimonials from their partners. It's on one of their many websites, A4e Voice.


  1. A testimonial is only written by those who benefit, Not those that don't. How many people complained but they havent been mentioned.

    Its like asking a person who takes drugs, do they like taking drugs of course they will say yes we like it.

  2. "Budget retail chain may fetch £60m"

    From the article ttp:// - "Its rival Poundland has also been one of the retail success stories since the recession."

    And yet they cannot pay our Caith anything ..... ! Having said that and on reflection, maybe she was unable to conceal her true feelings about what she was doing and they actually were not interested in her. Or maybe they quite simply didn't like her for some reason.

    There appears to be loads of opportunities opportunities at Poundland! -


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