Tuesday, 28 June 2011


It's not always obvious that you're dealing with A4e.

Take Middlesborough Enterprise Gateway, marketed with the slogans "a fresh start" and "be your own boss". Nowhere on its website will you find A4e mentioned, but that's who is delivering this project. It's been running for over a year.

Then there's a video on the Flixel site, an interview with Dame Kelly Holmes. It's tagged as A4e and education. It's standard motivational stuff, follow your dreams etc. I admit I have a bit of a problem with it. The tiny minority of highly successful people tell us that we can achieve similar success, when the majority, however dedicated, won't.

It's the last Fairy Jobmother programme tonight, thank goodness. Not having watched this series, I don't know how deceptive it is. But we do know that interviews were arranged by Ms Taylor / the producers (see the Builders' Merchants Journal site), and that gives the impression that interviews and jobs are there for the taking. In fact, anyone with a long spell of unemployment on their CV is unlikely to clear even the first hurdle of an interview. Is that made clear?

Remember "Working Families Everywhere"? Only three local authorities signed up for it. Hull is employing 6 of the "family champions", but it seems likely that they are not new appointments but redeployed existing council staff. If this is the case, (and if it's true in Westminster as well) it rather takes the project out of Emma Harrison's hands. The "champions" are accountable to the councils, which can design the jobs.


  1. There you go, historian. From the A4e video it is clear that the "Secret of Success" is to take a job wiping old folks' bums and to STAY POSITIVE!

  2. Haleys Comments

    I watched The Fairy Godmother last night. This time a small group of older women. Haley suggested they try advertising themselves with billboards. Howeverthis did not work! One woman, who was 43 years old, old actually told Haley to stuff it, well in a polite manner. It was not for her.

    Haley then used her contacts to get the others interviews and of course jobs .....

    The last few minutes of the programme I watched with a neighbour who actually fell for this cp .....

    That was the last programme in the series, What a pity!!! lol


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